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Organic Cotton Sanitary Underwear


Organic Cotton Warm Underwear

Size M(87-95cm hip size)、L(92-100cm hip size)
Color grey
Descriptive labeling Fabric: 92% organic cotton, 8% polyurethane / Elastic Material: 77% nylon, 23% polyurethane / Waterproof Material: polyurethane laminate

”Gentle on sensitive skin™”
Organic Cotton

A menstruation period is precious for all women.

They deserve to feel comfortable as much as possible even during menstruation.

This idea gives birth to this sanitary product series.


The main body consists of organic cotton


Keep warm from the belly to the waist


Sofy’s unique Ultra-perfect FIT construction!

Product Image

1The main body consists of organic cotton

The main body consists of 92% organic cotton and 8% polyurethane.

2Keep warm from the belly to the waist

I want to keep my body warm especially during menstruation.

In response to such wish, warm materials used inside the underwear cover around the uterus.

3Sofy’s unique Ultra-perfect FIT construction!

Maintaining the Ultra-perfect FIT construction, a common feature of Sofy underwear that perfectly fits a pad, this high-rise underwear covers around your waist.

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