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Organic Cotton Pantyliner


Pantyliner Organic Cotton: Fragrance-free

Size 14cm
Type Organic Cotton

”Gentle on sensitive skin™”
Organic Cotton

A menstruation period is precious for all women.

They deserve to feel comfortable as much as possible even during menstruation.

This idea gives birth to this sanitary product series.


Used 100%* Organic Cotton


Less prone to dampness and rash.


Crafted surface sheet

Product Image

1Used 100%* Organic Cotton

Superabsorbent polymer-free (non polymer).

*100% organic cotton is used for the upper layer of pads that touch an intimate area.

2Less prone to dampness and rash.

Because the pantyliner directly touches your skin every day, particular attention is given to breathability. The fully breathable back sheet and airy, soft cotton sheet are used.

3Crafted surface sheet

With the wave-shaped surface sheet, your skin does not easily come into contact with discharge, so the pantyliner stays dry, providing a comfortable feel.

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