What is a menstrual cup?

It is a feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual blood. It can be used repeatedly by sterilizing it using boiling water.

Free from changing pads/ tampons and stay comfortable You can wear a cup for 4 to 8 hours even on heavy flow days. You will be free from the trouble of changing pads or tampons many times.

*As there are individual differences, use the product for between 4 to 8 hours or less, depending on your flow.

Reusable and economical The menstrual cups can last for about three years.
You can get through the your period every month with simply one cup.

*If you are bothered by smell and stains, please replace the cup with a new one early on.

Eco-friendly, as it is not a single-use product It is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly hygiene product.
Sanitary boxes will be unnecessary.

Not bulky, but slim It is excellent for travelling, as it is a small and portable product.

Features of the Sofy Soft Cup

The Sofy Soft Cup is recommended as the first menstrual cup you use.

The soft cup fits securely to collect the menstrual blood in the vagina.

If used properly, it reduces discomfort in delicate areas, such as due to leakage and steaminess.


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Easier to insert and remove

than I had imagined!


The ring stem makes a big difference.

The cup feels soft and moist and can be inserted smoothly.

As it is colorless and transparent, the amount of menstrual blood is easily visible. I think it will serve splendidly as a barometer for health management.

It is so convenient that I can no longer do without it.


Every month, I find it so convenient that I can’t do without it. During menstruation, every time I go to bathroom, the fact that I do not see menstrual blood makes me forget that I am on my period and enables me to spend time comfortably, just like on other ordinary days.

It is so wonderfully



As the menstrual cup does not cause any irritation, it allows me to forget that I am wearing it. It’s great. I can spend time as if I were not on my period. It makes me feel safe as it is a product of a major manufacturer.

The size feels right!


I want to use it on the days when the flow is heavy but I cannot go to bathroom frequently. As it is transparent, it is easy to see the amount of menstrual blood collected when I remove the cup. Moreover, I think it does not easily stain my hands.

How to use

How to fold

The easiness of inserting and opening the cup will depend on the manner in which you fold it.

So, identify a method that suits you.