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 Hadaomoi Organic Cotton



Nighttime Use for Heavy Menstrual Flow
With wings 29cm

Usage Nighttime Use for Heavy Menstrual Flow
Wings With wings
Type Soft type
Size 29cm

”Gentle on sensitive skin™”
Organic Cotton

A menstruation period is precious for all women.

They deserve to feel comfortable as much as possible even during menstruation.

This idea gives birth to this sanitary product series.


Crafted design against skin troubles


Powerful absorbency even absorbs sweat


The natural texture to your skin


Used 100% Organic Cotton

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1Crafted design against skin troubles

It leaves less menstrual blood on the skin, which tends to cause itchiness.

So it gives less burden on the skin and is gentle to the skin.

2Powerful absorbency even absorbs sweat

Cotton material is good at absorption and helps to absorb steaming sweat when wearing a pad.

You are not bothered by the feeling of dampness, so you even forget to change the pad.

3The natural texture to your skin

Superabsorbent polymer-free (non polymer).

Some black spots of cotton seed husk may remain on the surface sheet.

4Used 100% Organic Cotton

100% organic cotton is used for the upper layer of pads that touch an intimate area.

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